The Qingming Festival is the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau launched service increase sweep l

Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, according to the characteristics of the relative concentration of Tomb-sweeping Day masses during the sweep time, set up emergency duty system, and coordinate the bus company, the sweep line in April 3rd increased to 5, convenient mass grave. Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of funeral service units will be in

Xining city transportation company limited the 21 bus line 15, at the same time the implementation o

October 12th, Ms. Yang Xining people call the newspaper news hotline 96369 asked, "west Metropolis Daily" published in October 10th "provincial bus 15 from the date of implementation of" winter "" one article, did not mention the 80 Road, 82 Road, 101 road and other routes, the route is also the implementation of the "winter

Xining Development Zone Invest-holding Company successfully issued 600 million yuan of corporate bon

days ago, approved by the national development and Reform Commission, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Holding Group Co., the company successfully issued 600 million yuan of corporate bonds to raise funds will be used for the Development Zone woven Tibetan carpets production base construction project. The issue of the investment holding group of

Since September 1st, vocational school students can do the bus IC card

has been highly concerned about the vocational school students to enjoy the city’s public transport student IC card problem has finally been resolved, the City Transportation Bureau decided from September 1st onwards, the city’s vocational school students to apply for the bus IC card. vocational school students can not enjoy the city bus IC card,

Xining public selection of cadres yesterday 6 people competing in the written examination of the dep

in order to further deepen the reform of the cadre and personnel system, and promote outstanding talent to stand out, the city decided to open the city within the scope of the selection of 6 deputy county leading cadres. In August 26th, the public selection of deputy county leading cadres in Xining fifth day written